Bon Entendeur - I Love to Love (Vs Tina Charles)

On the night of March 14, 2020 - while Antoine de Caunes is relaying an important government announcement on television - three young women, Anaïde, Sophie and Lya, will try to get into "La Fiesta", one of the most famous clubs for its 80's themed parties. But it is not easy to enter this club... That evening, "Bon Entendeur" is on the bill. At 00:00, Anaïde suddenly finds herself absolutely alone, without understanding why. There is nobody around her, neither outside nor inside the club. Strange night... But Anaïde, without letting herself be impressed, will then in her
her own way to give life back to the night.

Just like Bon Entendeur's passion for reviving old songs, I'd like to revive our passion for partying in this video. Since March 2020, many clubs have had to close down. People are going out less and less and prefer to spend their evenings at home alone, on the networks or in small groups. This film is inspired by this phenomenon, it has the will to give a boost of motivation and encouragement to the world of the night which dies slowly. In spite of the heavy subject, this film will have a color of comedy in a surrealist picture. I want the protagonist to reveal herself, allowing herself absolutely everything, releasing all her energy in this place that has become totally extinct.


Written & Directed by Alexandre Brisa

Production Compagny :MYND / WANDA PARIS

Starring with

Anaïde Rozam


Co-Starring : CamilaPujol Ochoa, Shéraze Said & Ayoub Layoussifi

Producer : Anis Gaiji
Line Producer : Laurène Furlan
Production coordinators -Carla Pommaret
Location Manager : MartinPype
Ass location manager :Margot Maumenee
1st AD : Driss Lumbroso
2nd AD : Clément Lepoix
Scripte : MalvinaDesmarest
Cinematographer : Yoann Suberviolle
1st AC : Zoe Mention
2nd AC : Kelly Pradels
Steadicam : Anton Tarente
Choregrapher : Cathy Ematchoua
Sound Engineer : Charles Gregoire
Gaffer : Arnaud Guez
Best boy electric : Arthur Besseux
Best boy electric :Antoine Pouss
Best boy electric :Nathan Fredouelle
Key Grip : François Diard
Grip : Pierre Frink
Grip : Thomas Cazottes
Set Designer : Axelle DeBiasi
Assistant art director :Thomas Gerard
Assistant art director :Wanda Naceri
Costume Designer :Charlotte Neuwels
Costume Designer : SoniaMontout
Stylist : Karmen Sefer
Make Up : Stéphanie Clerc
Casting : Amandine Maugy(Studio 54)
Post-Producer : Olivier Glandais
Editor : Dorian Le Dastumer
Colorist : Guillaume Schmitter

Drivers : Maxime OTMANI,Valère BRISSARD, Samia REDJALA, Antoine WINTELER, Manuel HAGIAKIAN


Extra casting : ManuelHagiakian Bastien Blanchard Lucila Costa Roberto Amandine Deletree MarieDolimier Nicolas Duchesne Ahmed Elafy Romain Giovanetti Laurette Lesoille LucieLeymonerie Camille Liotaud Lucia Louis Yaoudam Mejouwene Stanislas MonginotGrégoire Neron Erwan Page Jean Tramier Maximilien Zanier Oscar Zouzout Manythanks to : Antoine De Caunes, Wanda Paris, Vantage Paris, Cinesyl, Cininter,Adrien Combes