Manon Bouquet x Arte Concert

Arte en scène was conceived during the confinement, so the meaning of the program comes intrinsically from the will to support the artists.
The project will not be limited to the simple diffusion of a video.
Your performance will of course be remunerated. In addition, the rights to the film will be shared with you so that you can use it as a promotional or canvassing tool.
The film will bear the Arte en Scène stamp, will belong to a strong collection, and will be made with the quality of a real recording, a creation in itself.
Broadcast on Arte Concert, and on the related social networks, the collection will offer you a significant exposure.

Directed by Alexandre Brisa
Produced by La Blogotheque
Producers Eloi Nourry& Julie Moens
Production coordinator Julia Vigouroux
DOP Maeva Vo Dinh
Sound Engineer Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet
Post producer Alexandre Sellem
Edit by Nicolas Millet & Alexandre Brisa
Music by Laure Brisa
Colorist Marine Surble