NV Gallery - Collection "Rêve Lucide" Automne 2023 by Claire Laffut

Claire Laffut takes us on a captivating journey into the inspiration behind her collection "Rêve Lucide" skillfully navigating between dreamy waters and the shores of reality.


Directed by Alexandre Brisa

Produced by Denise Agency

Talent : Claire Laffut
Artist manager : Ivan Striga

Producer : Lorette Delva
Line Producer : Apolline Lehuby
DOP : Jules Le Masson Fletcher
Sound Design : Pierre Juarez
Photographer : Paulina Wesolowska

Post-Production : D-Factory

Post-Producer : Julien Lanart
Editor : Vincent Gay Del Santo
Color Grading : Nicolas Gautier

Film : Kodak
Lab : Silverway

Thx to Maëva Vo Dinh