Dr Martens x Claire Laffut "Tough as you"

The direction will be refined and pure. We’ll film with a dreamy and poetic kind of mood Claire in the urban set of the cities. I’d like to bring a positive and touching image, where the artist picks little things from his past and shares memories with his fans through his voice over. The film will highlight the music, and takes his mood and rythm from it, showing Claire in the cen- ter of the city. There is also a sense of grandeur to the film, something impressive in the image to catch the viewer and show him the mysterious universe of Claire.

Directed by Alexandre Brisa
Produced by Anis Gaiji
Agency Kingdom Collective
Line producer Julie Manoukian
Location manager Martin Choteau
Cinematography by Maëva Vo Dinh
AC Matthieu Abily Sound
Engineer Laurine Oustric
Edit Alexandre Brisa
Post Paume
Color grading @trancactus

Claire Laffut team :
Manager Ivan Striga
Production assistant
Victoria Bernard
Stylisme Damese Savidan
Hair Mélissande Page
Make up Samira Goyette
Extra : Anouk Trégan